A City with History and More

Jackson, Mississippi, the "city with soul," proudly offers stunning architecture, outdoor attractions, yearly events and festivals, museums, three historic cultural districts, and exciting sports events. It is a fantastic place to live with an active community constantly working to progress and improve life in this beautiful city.

Parks and Recreation

The Jackson Parks and Recreation Department works hard to improve the community's public spaces and recreational options. They care for Jackson's many acres of parks, golf courses, walking paths, pools, and other facilities such as the Jackson Zoo, Smith Wills Stadium and Mynelle Botanical Gardens. The youth can also enjoy sports programs and lessons to stay healthy and build confidence.

Senior Citizen Programs

Every resident of the Jackson community is essential, no matter their age. The Jackson Department of Human and Cultural Services does all that it can to aid senior citizens in living fulfilling lives. It offers employment opportunities, as well as services, programs, and activities at senior citizens' centers throughout the city. These include meals, community information, transportation, and classes. Free meals and programs exist thanks to the city and generous donors.

About Community Improvement

Jackson citizens trust the city to ensure every resident's general health and safety. The city works to improve overgrown properties, remove burned or dangerous structures, prevent the accumulation of junk, and move abandoned vehicles. Lack of property maintenance is one of the city's most significant issues. However, property maintenance ordinances in place are there to help to protect residents from accidents which personal injury attorneys claim are a constant problem within the city.

Safely Enjoying Jackson

Jackson offers a rich culture and a variety of programs to both citizens and visitors of the historic city. Thanks to community members and the public works efforts of the Jackson city government, it is a place worth living and getting to know.